Building Blocks Collections

In this building blocks collections page, you can find many construction set models. Some of them are made by my niece and my nephew. And they made it with lots of fun 🙂

My Favorite Building Blocks Collections

Here is collection of my favorite block themes:

Car Building Blocks

My favorite car building blocks
Car transporter

We can easily find many models of car building blocks in the market. So it seems like car blocks is the most popular model for this construction set toy.

The other themes for car building blocks are police car blocks, racing car blocks, fire engine blocks, jeep blocks and truck building blocks.

Builder Building Blocks

Builder blocks collections.
Forklift and excavator blocks.

If your kids like builder and heavy equipment, then you can choose excavator, crane and bulldozer blocks. Another choice is tractor and loader blocks.

Most of the real equipment are dominant with yellow color. Blocks manufacturers also apply the same features to this construction toys. Hence, we will find most of builder and heavy equipment blocks color is yellow with some accessories in black and gray.

In addition, builder blocks is one of my favorite theme. Some builder series also offer 3 in 1 model in one package. So you can check the specification carefully before you buy the product.

Airplane Building Blocks

3 models of airplane building blocks
Airplane and helicopter blocks

Airplane construction may have wide wing or long propeller. So, during airplane building blocks making process, you better make it on table.

It is recommend to put the construction on a flat surface due to we may need to control the balance of some construction parts. So the construction will be stable.

Other Building Blocks Themes

We can find find various building blocks themes in the market. Some of them are:

Motorcycle Building Blocks

This is motorcycle blocks examples
Motorcycle building blocks

Some of motorcycle building blocks themes are classic police motorcycle, commercial motorcycle and racing motorcycle. In addition, we also can find motorcycle blocks of popular figures and superhero series.

Classic motorcycle blocks usually is dominant with white color. Motorcycle from superheroes series more colorful with many accessories.

The packages of motorcycle building blocks sometimes also complete with the rider and other detail accessories, like our motorcycle blocks collections. The police has a gun on his hand, while superhero figure has a special weapon on the right hand.

Boat Building Blocks

Boat building blocks collections.
Patrol boat building blocks

We can find various models for boat building blocks. The examples are patrol boats, beach boats and pirate ships.

Mostly patrol boat blocks are dominant with dark colors, such as gray and black. However, some blocks also available in red, blue and white.

Manufacturers also complete the blocks with detail accessories, such as radar, lamps and weapons. Another accessories are windows and flag. Some of the accessories have small dimension and made from plastic.

Robot Building Blocks

Awesome robot building blocks
Cool robot blocks

Robot building blocks usually are designed for 2 in 1 or more models in one package. So you can make robot blocks and also make other construction set.

For example, blue robot blocks in the picture can be constructed into car blocks. While other construction of gray robot blocks is helicopter blocks.

For advance level, you can choose transformer robot blocks. It has some blocks series and all blocks of the series can be joined together to make one big robot. Each robot of the series is transformed into hands, legs and body of big robot.

Nano Building Blocks

Nano building blocks
Cartoon figure and animal theme blocks

Nano building blocks are building blocks with smaller dimension.

The shape of the blocks and accessories is exactly same as common blocks. It also use the same material. The difference is only on the size.

Mostly nano blocks themes are cartoon figures and movie characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Doraemon or Spider-man. Another nano blocks popular themes are building and animal blocks.

For building blocks, the blocks quantity usually more than 500 pieces. In addition, complex building design maybe need more than 1000 pieces. So it is important to make sure no block is missing. For this purpose, you can keep the blocks in storage box.

Nano building blocks is suitable for older kids or adults. During making process, we need to take and put the blocks carefully. We must control the strength when we push one block to another, otherwise we may ruin the construction.

Building Blocks as Kids Gift Idea

Military vehicles with weapon.
Military vehicle blocks

Building blocks can be your gift idea for the kids. As an educational toy, building blocks offer many advantages.

First of all, the kids will learn about construction and how to focus. It also helps to develop their creativity and intellectual. The kids can mix and match the blocks and make anything they want. They can make their own block models based on their imagination.

Building blocks for toddlers should not contains small parts and sharp edges. It is important to make sure the toys are safe for them. For alternative, you also can choose wooden building blocks. This classic building block is very simple and has many shapes.

Imaginary manetic blocks example
Magnetic block

The other recommended building block is magnetic blocks. This construction set is easy to connect and has colorful blocks. This is a perfect toy for kid’s first learning. They can learn about colors, geometry shapes and magnetic polar.

For more challenging toy, you can consider erector sets. This construction sets contains metal parts and tools. In addition, this construction toy can help the kids to practice mechanical skill.

If this will be their first building blocks, then you can consider give a simple construction set to the kids. For the beginning, you can choose construction with 20 to 40 pieces of blocks.

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