Building Blocks for Toddlers

Simple blocks for kids and toddlers
Stacking blocks

Building blocks for toddlers usually have simple design with big blocks dimension and attractive colors. And the most important is the blocks must be made from safe materials and free from any hazard.

For this reason, then we must choose toys for babies and toddlers carefully. We have to make sure their toys are safe for them.

Kid’s Golden Period and Educational Toys

One to five years are golden periods for children cognitive, emotional and social development. During these periods, it will be great if we can encourage toddlers to maximize their growth.

As we knew, in their early ages toddler loves to play. In this case, their toys will play an important rule for their future. So the question is…how to choose the best toy for them?

Choose the Right Toy for Toddlers

There are things we need to note before we buy toys for babies and toddlers. Here are some of them:

Manufacturer review

For certain toys, the manufacturers sold them complete with some review about recommendation ages and special warnings. Please read it carefully, because it is an important clue to know whether the toys are suitable for the kids.

Toys for babies and toddlers
Big blocks for toddlers


Toys for babies and toddlers must comply with the following conditions:

  • Free from hazard and dangerous chemical. Many countries regulate safety standards to limit potential hazard to the children. It is of utmost importance to regulate chemicals in the paintings and other materials because the children like to put the toys into their mouth.
  • Good strength. The toy must not easily be broken when the kids bang it. Small broken parts can cause choking hazard. Broken part of plastic material tends to make sharp edges and it can harm the kids during their play time.


If a toy has small parts, don’t give it to the babies and toddlers. Choking hazard is an important consideration. Toys for babies and toddlers must be safe. Building block with big dimension is a good idea for babies and toddlers.

Toy benefits

Playing time can be learning time for toddlers. So while they are playing, they also learn about new things and get some knowledge.

As an educational toy, building blocks offer many playing benefits for toddlers. While they are playing the toy blocks, toddlers can learn their first color and word. Later, when toddler starts to make a construction set and piling up the blocks, their will learn about shapes, gravity and other things.

Playing building blocks are not only practice toddler’s creativity and intellectual. This toy also practices toddler’s physic and hand-eye coordination. They must focus in putting a block to the construction. Otherwise, they will ruin it.

Attractive color

Babies and toddlers are interesting with bright colors. The example colors are red, blue, green and yellow. The more attractive the toy colors, the more they will like it.

Building Block Models for Toddlers

Toddler blocks with attractive colors
Plastic building blocks

Block building toy is an educational toy for all ages. Even baby and toddler also can play this construction toy, with some help from their parents or older kids. And as soon as they are able to grasp the blocks by themselves, they will more excite to playing the blocks.

Construction blocks

Construction blocks for toddlers have big dimension and usually made from plastic. It may have many block variant, like square, trapezium and triangle. The block accessories also vary, which is depend on the construction theme.

For example, train construction may have wheels and connecting parts. While construction blocks with animal themes may contains elephant, giraffe and lion as the accessories.

Waffle blocks

Blocks with bright colors
Waffle blocks for toddlers

With the attractive colors and shapes, waffle blocks also one of kid’s favorite toys. The blocks material mostly is made from plastic, so it is very light. The kids can construct waffle blocks into 3-dimensional structure.

This toy blocks offer lot of flexibility to the kids to make various construction and it develop their creativity during playing time. The block size is very varying from small size to big size.

Alphabet blocks

Let's the kids learn their first word
ABC wooden blocks

Alphabet blocks are one of classic educational toys. This block is very popular. It is also known as wooden blocks, as they are made from natural wood.

We can simply call it learning blocks for toddlers because we can use the blocks to introduce toddlers to letters and numbers. I highly recommend this block as toddler first toy.

Alphabet blocks usually also have number 1,2 ,3 on it. Some of them also have pictures of animal on the other sides. This will be a perfect toy for babies and toddler to learn their first word.

Simple building blocks for toddlers with magnetic
Boat magnetic blocks

Magnetic blocks

Magnetic block is a favorite toy for toddlers, because they can make a simple construction easily by themselves. Magnet on the blocks will make it easy to connect each other.

A magnetic building set usually has many shapes, like triangle, square and parallelogram. So toddlers also can learn about geometrical and three dimensional shapes.

Cardboard building blocks

Cardboard building blocks are blocks that made from cardboard. This block have big dimension, but very light. Kids and toddlers will be excited to play with these jumbo blocks. It will be fun to make giant block construction and get in after it finished.

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