Building Blocks Making Tips

Building blocks are fun. These educational toys are suitable for all kids, even adults also enjoying playing this construction toys. In this page, you can find information about building blocks making tips.

As the construction sets may consist of hundreds or even thousands of block, sometimes it will be difficult to find certain blocks among so many blocks. In this situation, you can read some tips to make the construction making process become easier as below.

Enough space for the construction

Building blocks of nano construction set
Disorder nano blocks.

Please make sure you have a comfortable area to make the building blocks. It is better to make the construction on a table. But it is also acceptable if you want to make it on the floor, as long as people are not passing through on the location to avoid the possibility some parts get kicked and lost.

I recommend you to have a cover or foundation for the construction set. So in case we need to move the construction to other place, we can do it easily. The cover should have contrast color with the blocks. So if any blocks are fallen, we can find the blocks easily.

For example, if the blocks are dominant with red and blue as per photos, you can choose white color for the cover.

Blocks identification

Blocks grouping by shape
Block parts grouping.

For a construction set from hundreds or thousands of blocks, it is very helpful if we can classify the blocks before we start making the construction. We can put the same blocks in one group. So when we are looking for specified blocks with certain quantity, we can find them easily. This way, we can save time and finish the construction faster.

I prefer to make block classification by shape. Although the blocks may have different colors, i put the same shape in a group. We can identify color faster than identify the shape, isn’t it?

From the example shown in the picture, you can notice the dimension of nano blocks. If we don’t identify the blocks before make the construction set, it may takes times to find a 1×1 block from the mixed blocks.

Blocks storage

Blocks arrangement
Blocks storage box

While we are making a construction set, sometimes we cannot finish it in one day. So I suggest you to prepare a storage to keep the loosen blocks. One of block storage example is shown in the picture.

You can try these building blocks tips for complex construction sets with many parts, such as nano building blocks, erector sets, wooden building blocks or magnetic blocks.

While building blocks for toddlers usually have simple design with less quantity, so we can make the construction directly.

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