Erector Sets

Erector sets is construction toy for kids, which consists of various metal beams. The toy is including some pieces of nut, bolt, wheel, screw and other metal pieces. People called these educational toys as metal building toys, metal construction toys or metal building sets.

Some of erector construction set also has powered motor. This erector model is known as motorized erector set. It is a perfect toy for kids to learn about real construction. It will be fun to build a metal construction set, then take it apart and build other construction sets. The kids can play it over and over again.

Challenging Toys for Kids

As the kids grow, they will look for new toys to play with. It is a good idea to give toy that is not only fun, but also let the children to learn something from their playing activity.

Example of erector set parts
Erector set parts: rubber wheel, metal parts and tools

Erector set package offer a construction set, complete with the tools. The kids will find the process to make the construction is challenging, as they need to use the tool kit to make it.

In addition, the construction sets are very similar with the real constructions. So it will add their interest to finish the construction.

These days we can find various models of erector. For your information, the construction toy is not only about vehicles, but other building themes also available. So this educational toy will be suitable for boys and girls.

Most erector sets for kids are designed for age 8 years and up, due to it contains small parts and metal material. However, we can find special erector sets for younger kids in the store. This erector is called as erector junior.

A Story behind the Erector Sets

Loader erector sets
Erector sets example: loader

In 1911, Alfred Carlton Gilbert, a toy manufacturer and Olympic gold medal-winning pole vaulter, patented an erector (or commonly known as the erector set).

When it was released in 1913, the erector was the only construction set to contain a motor. This has made the erector set the most popular building toy in the U.S. at the time. The flexibility to build a model, take it apart and build a different model was revolutionary.

Early erector set was a miniature construction site with metal beams that has holes for nuts, bolts and screws. Kids will learn on how to use pulleys, gears and, yes, erector set motor in some models while assembling the construction set of their dreams.

Erector Set Benefits

As an educational toy, erector set offer many benefits to the kids:

Mechanical skill practice

Assembling erector set requires kids to follow step-by-step instructions. Each bolt and nuts have to be put and tightened properly. Hence, playing erector toys will practice kid’s mechanical skill and hand-eye coordination.

Erector sets encourage kids to build ‘real thing’

It is so revolutionary that an erector plays a critical role in encouraging kids of the 20th century to become great engineers and architects. So why not proactively exposing our kids to toys that will impact their life in a good way?

Quality playing time

If this is they first erector sets, then the kids probably lack of experience in following erector instructions. They maybe need some help on how to connecting parts of the toy and how to use tools in erector kit. You can play together and help them to make the construction, so you will have a quality playing time with your kids as well.

How to Choose Erector Set for Kids

Here are some tips before you decide to buy toy erector set for your kids:

Complexity level

Lifter Erector Sets
Construction sets with metal parts

For younger kids, you can try to introduce a simple erector set with fewer parts. It is called junior erector set.

Once the kids can make the erector construction set perfectly, you can encourage them to try a sophisticated erector set.  

For example, you can buy erector set for adults, a motorized erector set or erector super construction set. These erector models will give more challenge to the kids. It offers advance experience and a lot of fun.


I recommend you to choose themes which familiar with your kids, so they can have a figure about the real construction. Most of all, they will enjoy it and play with fun. For example, if they like to play with a truck or a car, you can choose vehicle theme such as crane erector set and car erector set. If they like robotic, then robot erector set is a good gift idea.

In addition, the favorite themes for this construction toy are vehicle and builder. Some construction available for 5 in 1 model in a package. So we can choose the most suitable erector theme for the kids.

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