Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are building blocks with a set of embedded magnets on it. The material of magnetic block can be made from wood or plastic.

Colorful magnetic blocks for kids
Shape of magnetic building blocks

This blocks offer less difficulty to the kids when they make the construction set. With the magnet inside, it will be easy to connect one block to each other. So when the kids are playing with magnetic block toys, they have one less problem of dealing with gravity and balance.

Toddler and kids like playing magnetic block because they find it is fun. Magnetic blocks usually also have attractive colors, like red, yellow, green and blue.

We can find various magnet toys building blocks in the store with many models and themes. The popular magnet toy sets are magnetic tile building blocks, magnetic bricks and magnetic baby toys.

Magnetic Blocks Benefits

As an educational toy, magnetic building blocks offer additional benefits for the kids and toddlers during playing time as below:

Good toys for toddler

Babies and toddlers will love to play with the blocks because magnet on it makes this toy different with other toddler’s blocks. They will enjoy holding one block close to another and watching the blocks snap together. Young kids and toddlers may find it “magic”. The playing time will be fun.

Encourage the kids to think “big”

Airplane blocks
Magnetic blocks example: airplane construction set

As they find it is so easy to connect the block to each other, the kids will be encouraged to finish the construction set. With the magnet inside, it is very easy to construct and connect flat tiles into two-dimensional or three-dimensional building sets.

This way, the kids will feel that they are able to make the construction by themselves. It will make them to think “big” and increase their confidence. So when they find any problem during playing time, the kids will try to find the solution by themselves.

In the other side, this condition also can help to practice their problem solving skill.

Magnetic blocks can practice creativity

Do you know that we can make a magnetic construction set with many ways? Due to the construction is not totally depends on gravity, then it is possible to make the same construction with different ways. It will challenge the kids to think creatively and find out the best or easiest way to make the constructions.

In toy store, we can find many magnetic toys to practice toddler’s creativity. The example is magnetic alphabet, magnetic pattern blocks or magnetic desk toys.

Magnetic Blocks for Younger Kids

Magnetic toys in the stores may have various models and size. Certain models will suits with babies and toddlers, while the others suit to older kids. That is why we must choose the toys carefully.

Simple blocks for kids and toddlers
Castle magnetic blocks

Here are things we need to notice when we are looking for toddler’s toys:

Targeted ages.

The toys must suits with toddler’s ages. The simple way to check it is by read manufacturer review. Toys for toddlers usually have simple design


There is no doubt that toddler’s toy must be free from dangerous chemicals. And the toys also should made from strong material. So it not easily broken and cause a sharp edge that can harm the toddlers.


Toy and its part must be ‘big’ enough for the toddlers to make sure toddler will not swallow it or choke their toys.

For toddler’s toys, I highly recommended magnetic toys with magnet inside. It is to anticipate in case the magnet somehow released from the toy and the children put it to their mouth.

Making Blocks Video

This video shows how to make simple magnetic blocks construction step by step. Compared to other toys, the kids will find it is so easy and they will play it with a lot of fun.

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