Wooden Building Blocks

Blocks for kindergarten
Wooden blocks construction set.

Wooden blocks are toys for all ages. It is not only suitable for babies and toddlers, but it is also one of favorite toy of preschool and older kids.

As an educational toy, wooden blocks offer more value to kid’s playing time. First of all, the plain wooden blocks (block without magnet) are perfect toys for kids to learn about gravity.

In the beginning, the kids will learn how to to piling up the blocks. If they don’t put it correctly, the blocks will fall down.

These blocks are made from natural wood pieces. People like this classic building blocks due to its practical.

As the result, we can easily find many models of this wooden block in toy stores. Some manufacturer also put magnet inside the blocks.

Wooden Block Benefits

Second, the kids can learn about shape. Wooden blocks have many models. It can be square, round or triangle. While they are playing, the kids will recognize the difference of each block. And then, we can introduce them to geometry.

Third, wooden blocks practice kid’s creativity and intelligent. As there is no limit in making the construction set, the kids can make whatever they want. Day by day, they are getting expert in making the construction set and practice their problem solving skill.

In their golden period, the kids will always have fresh ideas in make their own creation. Wooden building blocks will be good toys to encourage kid’s creativity and intelligent.

Popular Block Models

Alphabet wooden building blocks for kids
Educational toys for kids and toddlers

Wooden building blocks have many models. It is vary in material, theme and size. Some block may have plain model, while the other blocks came with various shape and color.

As the blocks may have different target of ages, so it is better to check some information from the manufacturer before we buy it. This way, we can sure the toy blocks are suitable for the kids.

Alphabet wooden blocks

Alphabet wooden blocks are known as alphabet blocks or “ABC” blocks. These blocks have alphabet letter or number on block’s surface.

In addition, it also has attractive colors. As we knew, babies and toddlers like bright colors like red, blue, green, yellow and orange. So they will find these blocks are interesting.

While babies and toddlers are playing these blocks, at the same time they also learn about colors, letters and numbers.

Standard unit blocks

Standard unit blocks is a standardized wooden blocks. Some people also called it as kindergarten blocks. So we can easily find these blocks in kindergarten class rooms.

Simple wooden blocls
Wooden building blocks

Unit blocks may vary in name and material, but they are all based on the proportion of 1:2:4. It made from natural wood pieces. The wooden blocks are identically in size and shape. Each block has precision cut to make sure the construction sets are stable.

Although basic of standard unit block is square, but some manufacturers include other shapes in the package. For example is triangle and arc. So the kids can combine the blocks to make a construction.

Standard unit blocks may have hundreds of blocks. So the kids can make the construction set together with their friends. Hence, this toy brings another benefit as the kids will learn how to interact and communicate with each other.

While the kids build the construction together with their friends, they will learn about
team work and how to build social networking.

Wooden construction blocks

Simple wooden blocks construction
Colorful wooden blocks

Older kids usually are looking for more challenging toys. For this condition, then themed wooden building block will be a good choice for them.

These days we can find many themes of wooden construction blocks. The themes are not only for boys, but it also offer interesting topic for the girls.

One of popular wooden construction block model is a symmetrical house. We can easily find this model in the store, from a simple construction set with few blocks until advance level with hundreds of blocks. This toy block model will be a good media to let the children learn about balance and gravity.

When the kids enjoy playing the blocks, they will focus on how to finish the construction. This way, a themed construction blocks will help the kids to practice their concentration.

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