Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden building blocks are blocks which are made from natural wood pieces. People like this classic building blocks due to its practical.

These toy blocks don’t need glue, snaps and connectors. The kids can learn many things while they are playing it. Wooden building blocks are perfect educational toys for kids to learn about geometrical shapes and gravity.

In the beginning usually the kids make simple construction sets, such as a house or a bridge. We can easily find this wooden block model in the store. Most of this construction model has big blocks with small quantity.

Wooden building blocks can develop kid’s capability to think out of the box. Every time they play the wooden blocks, they can make a new construction. In their golden period, the kids will always have fresh ideas to make their own creation.

Popular Wooden Block Models

Wooden building blocks have many models with different variants. The blocks can be plain, colorful or with some pictures on it. The popular wooden blocks for kids are alphabet blocks, building construction blocks and standard unit blocks.

A set of wooden number blocks

One of wooden building block: wooden number blocks

Alphabet blocks

Alphabet wooden blocks are known as alphabet blocks or “ABC” blocks. The blocks have alphabet letter or number on block’s surface with attractive color. Alphabet block is a perfect educational toy to introduce toddlers to colors, letters and numbers.

Wooden construction blocks

One of popular wooden construction block model is a symmetrical house. We can easily find this model in the store, from a simple construction set with few blocks until advance level with hundreds of blocks. This toy block model will be a good media to let the children learn about balance and gravity. It also practices kid’s hand and eye coordination.

Standard unit blocks

This wooden block model is made from natural wood pieces. Standard unit blocks are suitable for pre-school. We can find this toy blocks in kindergarten classrooms. While the kids build the construction together with their friends, they will learn how to build a good social networking.

Beside these three wooden blocks model, there are still many models of wooden blocks in the market. So we can choose the most suitable model for the kids. There is no doubt that this educational toy will be a good gift idea for kids.

Wooden Blocks for All Ages

Wooden building blocks are toys for all ages. This construction blocks are suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-school and older kids. Here are some tips to choose the most suitable model for the kids:

Blocks for babies and toddlers

We must choose toys for babies and toddlers carefully. The main goal is they can play with fun and safe. For this purpose, we can choose qualified wooden blocks with attractive color and big dimension. While they are playing, babies and toddlers will learn about colors. The other block recommendation for toddlers is magnetic building block or toddler’s block which has big dimension.

Blocks for pre-school

Alphabet wooden blocks are suitable blocks for pre-school. It will be easy to introduce the kids to letters and numbers. The other recommendation block is standard unit block and simple wooden construction sets. These block models can help to develop kid’s creativity.

Blocks for older kids

Older kids need challenging toys. A themed wooden building block will be a good choice for them. While they make construction from hundreds of blocks, the kids will practice their concentration.

Even as the kids grow and develop new interests, wooden building blocks will remain as an active and creative learning tool.
Another construction set for older kids is erector sets and nano building blocks. These construction toys contains small parts and suitable for kid 8 years old and up.

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