Building Blocks for Kids

Building blocks are toy with interlocking building material. This is one of popular toys all the time. Building blocks for kids have many models with various sizes, colors and shapes. It can be triangle, square, arc or other shapes. From various blocks shapes, the kids can make a lot of construction sets.

Doraemon building blocks
Nano blocks: Doraemon

If you are looking for good toys for kids and toddlers, then building blocks is one of the answers. Building block will be a perfect educational toy for the children.

The kids will enjoy playing the blocks and make various construction sets. They can make buildings, vehicles or their favorite characters.

One of the examples is shown in the below picture, a nano block construction of a popular Japanese cartoon “Doraemon”.

Building Block as an Educational Toy

In some countries, this educational toy also known as building toy, construction toys, construction set, toy blocks or building bricks. Building blocks are one of the most classic and popular educational toys in the world.

As an educational toy, building blocks offer many playing benefits: intellectual benefit, creative benefit, physical benefit and social benefit.

Example of building blocks for toddlers.
Colorful building blocks for toddlers

Actually building blocks are not only suitable for kids and toddlers. It is also fun for adults and teenagers to playing the blocks. These days we can find a lot of building blocks model in the stores with different targeted ages. All of these toy blocks have different sizes, quantity and difficulties.

For example, vehicle construction set for kids will has simple design with big blocks less than 100 pcs. While for teenager, the design will be more real with hundreds of blocks and small parts.

There is no doubt that toy blocks will be a perfect toy to introduce the toddlers to colors and shapes. Older kids will find it is interesting to make their own construction buildings. For teenagers and adults, they will like to challenge themselves to make a construction set as real as possible.

Building Blocks Models

These days we can various toy building sets in the market. Here are some popular building block models for kids:

Wooden building blocks

Wooden building block is a classic building block. This toy blocks usually have a picture, a letter or a number on each side of the block. Wooden blocks are suitable toys for kids and toddlers.

Magnetic building blocks

Magnetic building blocks are building blocks with embedded magnets. It will be fun for the kids and toddlers to playing magnetic blocks because most of this toy blocks came with beautiful designs and they are easy to connect.

Blocks for toddlers

Building blocks for toddler are toy blocks which are suitable and safe for toddlers. The blocks usually have a simple construction and bright colors. It is a good idea to let the toddlers playing and learning about colors at the same time. The most important is we must know how to choose the right toy blocks for toddlers.

Nano building blocks

Nano building blocks are construction set with small blocks. This toy block model is not suitable for toddlers because the block dimension is too small for them. My favorite nano block themes are cartoon characters.

Erector sets

Erector sets are construction toys with metal parts. This construction set also known as motorized erector sets because some of them are equipped with powered motor. Erector sets are recommended for kids 8 years old and up because it contains small parts, such as screws and nuts.

The kids will enjoy playing the building block. This educational toy is a perfect gift for kids and toddlers. With so many models and themes, there is no doubt that we will able to find the special one for the kids.

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