Building Blocks for Kids

Hello my little friends….welcome to my website. In this website you will find things related to building blocks for kids.

Cute Doraemon building blocks
Doraemon building blocks

The blocks are not only fun, but we also can learn and get some knowledge. For blocks collection in this website, I put some information about the function, main parts and other related information with the construction blocks.

In the beginning, let me give you some introduction about the blocks.

Building block are toys with interlocking building material. It is one of the most classic and popular educational toys in the world. This toy also known as building toy, construction toys, construction set or toy blocks.

These blocks are simple and easy to play. Actually, the blocks are not only suitable for kids, but it is also suitable for toddlers, teenagers and even adults. For example is Doraemon blocks in the picture. It is from nano blocks, which is suitable for teenagers and adult.

The construction blocks are vary in size, material and colors. It depends on the targeted ages. If you are seven or eight years old, I’m sure that you will not try to eat your toys. However, toddlers and younger kids may do it. That is why blocks for toddler usually have big dimension. It can help avoid them to swallow the blocks and got choking.

Building Block Benefits

Standard unit blocks for kids
Standard unit blocks

Do you know that you can get many benefits while you are playing the toy blocks? If you don’t know, then you must continue to read and find out about it.

Intellectual benefit

First, you will get intellectual benefit. During the play time, you will think how to pile up and connect the blocks properly. This way, you can finish the construction correctly.

If you never play the blocks, then you should spend some times to read the instruction. Toy block manufacturers usually put some instruction and step by step guidance to make the construction set. So you will know how to make it.

Creative benefit

Secondly is creative benefit. Do you know that you can make the same construction set with different way? What I meant is…as you are getting expert in playing the blocks, you may find another way to make the same construction set.

The example is in making a three-dimensional box. You can start from the left, from the right or from the bottom. As long as the finished construction set is same, you can practice your creativity in finding new ways to make the same construction.

And after you are getting expert in making the construction sets, then you also can try to make any construction set as you wish. It will be an endless playing, as you can make it over and over again.

Physical benefit

Thirdly is physical benefit. While you are grasping and piling up the blocks, we can say that it is an exercise for your muscles. And there is no doubt that it will help to strengthen your body.

When you put one block on the construction, I’m sure that you will pay full attention for the process. Otherwise, you can ruin the construction. And do you know that this activity can help to improve coordination of your eyes and hand? Yes, it is!

Social benefit

While you are playing the toy blocks, you can play it together with your brothers, sisters or friends. It will be more fun, as you will learn how to coordinate and work together with other people. One advantage is you can finish the construction set faster than you make it by yourself.

Now you already knew some benefits of playing building blocks. So you can start to play the toy blocks and explore all the best from you and get all of the playing benefits.

Building Blocks Models

We can find lots of building blocks model in the store. Some of popular building block models for kids and toddlers are wooden blocks, magnetic block, toddlers blocks, nano blocks and erector sets.

Wooden building blocks

Let's the kids learn their first word
ABC wooden blocks

Wooden building block is a classic building block. This kind of blocks have many variants. One of them is alphabet blocks or ABC blocks, with a picture, a letter or a number on each side of the block.

The other is standard unit blocks or kindergarten blocks, a standardized wooden blocks which we commonly find in kindergarten class rooms.

Wooden building blocks are suitable toys for kids and toddlers. One of popular construction set of wooden building blocks is house blocks.

Magnetic building blocks

Simple blocks for kids and toddlers
Castle magnetic blocks

Magnetic building blocks are building blocks with embedded magnets. It will be fun to playing magnetic blocks as we can connect the blocks easily. Most of magnetic blocks have beautiful designs and attractive color.

Magnetic blocks are available in plastic and wooden material. If you want to play magnetic blocks with your little brother or sister, please check the blocks carefully. We need to make sure the material are safe for them.

I can make many animal construction sets from magnetic blocks. Some of them are penguins blocks, elephant blocks and bird blocks. For you information, I also made a star blocks. All of them are colorful blocks.

Blocks for toddlers

Toddler blocks
Toddler blocks

Building blocks for toddler are toy blocks with big dimension, which are suitable and safe for toddlers.

It is a good idea to let toddlers learn something while they are playing. Building blocks will be good toys to introduce them to colors, letter or number.

With the attractive color blocks like red, green, blue and orange, toddlers will enjoy their playing time.

Construction set for toddlers and younger kids usually has simple design and free from any hazard. For example is one of my collections, the train blocks.

Cute nano blocks
Donald & Daisy

Nano building blocks

Nano building blocks are construction set with smaller block dimension. This toy block model is not suitable for toddlers, due to the block size is too small for toddlers.

Older kids and teenagers will find this blocks are a challenging toy. A complex construction set may consists of hundreds blocks.

My favorite nano block themes are cartoon characters. In my blocks collection, you can find construction sets of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Captain America and Spider-Man.

Lifter Erector Sets
Construction sets with metal parts

Erector sets

Erector sets are construction toys with metal parts. This construction set also known as motorized erector sets because some of them are equipped with powered motor.

Erector set may contains small parts, such as screws and nuts. For the consequence, this toy is recommended for kids 8 years old and up.

If you like mechanical parts, then you will enjoy playing erector sets. When we make the construction sets, we will deal with tools. Somehow it makes me feel like ‘real’ mechanics 🙂

I have a five-in-one erector sets. From the erector sets, I can made truck, wheel loader and telehandler blocks.

Building Block Collections

Here is some of my building block collections. You can click on each picture to find out more detail. In
the pages, I put some information about the construction set. So you will know the names and some
related information about the construction sets.

Red car blocks
Car blocks
Backhoe construction blocks
Backhoe blocks
White boat blocks
Boat blocks

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