Erector Sets

Erector sets are construction toys, which consists of various metal beams. The toy is including some pieces of nut, bolt, screw and other metal pieces. People called these educational toys as metal building toys, metal construction toys or metal building sets.

Do you know that some of erector construction set also has a powered motor? This erector model is known as motorized erector set. It is a perfect toy for older kids to learn about real construction. Why am I saying like that?

Well…the answer is because the parts of erector sets are similar with the real parts. You may notice in the picture, the screws in the erector sets are similar with the screws of furniture at your home. And the wrench is also similar with your daddy’s tool, isn’t it?

Challenging Toys for Kids

Example of erector set parts
Erector set parts: rubber wheel, metal parts and tools

Erector set package offer a construction set, complete with the tools. So you will find this construction toy is challenging, as you need to use the tool kit to make the erector sets.

These days we can find various models of erector. For your information, the construction toy is not only about vehicles, but other building themes also available.

So this toy model is not for boys only, but girls also can play it. You just need to find which theme is suit to you.

Most erector sets for kids are designed for age 8 years and up, due to it contains small parts and metal material.

For your information, special erector sets for younger kids also available. It has bigger part and safe for them to play. This kind of erector is called as erector junior.

A Story behind the Erector Sets

In 1911, Alfred Carlton Gilbert, a toy manufacturer and Olympic gold medal-winning pole vaulter, patented an erector (or commonly known as the erector set).

Lifter Erector Sets
Construction sets with metal parts

When it was released in 1913, the erector was the only construction set to contain a motor. This has made the erector set the most popular building toy in the U.S. at the time.

The flexibility to build a model, take it apart and build a different model was revolutionary.

Early erector set was a miniature construction site with metal beams that has holes for nuts, bolts and screws. It is a good toy to let the kids learn on how to use pulleys, gears and, yes, erector set motor in some models while assembling the construction set of their dreams.

Erector Set Benefits

As an educational toy, erector set offer many benefits while you are playing it. You should know that the correct toy will add more value to your playing time. So let’s check it out the benefits as below:

1. Mechanical skill practice

While you are assembling the erector set parts, it requires you to follow a step-by-step instruction. Each bolt and nut have to be put and tightened properly. Hence, playing erector toys will practice your mechanical skill and hand-eye coordination.

2. Erector sets encourage you to build ‘real thing’

It is so revolutionary that an erector may plays a critical role in encouraging kids of the 20th century to become great engineers and architects. Your playing time may inspire you to make and build ‘something great’ in the future. For example, you can make telehandler blocks as shown in the above picture.

3. Quality playing time

While you are playing the erector sets, you can ask your parent to play together. If this is your first erector sets, then you may need your parent’s help in using some tools of erector kit. This way, you can spend some good time with your parent.

So far I only had one erector sets in my collection. But it is great as I can make five different models from it and I really enjoy the making process.

Erection Sets Collection

In the following picture, you can see another model of the erector set. If you click the picture, you will find some information about the construction. I hope that you can get some knowledge from it.

Loader construction set
Truck blocks

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