Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are building blocks with a set of embedded magnets on it. The material of magnetic block can be from wood or plastic.

Colorful magnetic blocks for kids
Shape of magnetic building blocks

Mostly the shapes of magnetic block are similar with wooden block. It is square, triangle or half circle. But magnetic block offer less difficulty during the play time.

With the magnet inside, it is very easy to connect one block to another.

When we bring one block close to other block, the magnet will automatically guide and connect the blocks correctly. And it is so nice. Making the construction set is so easy and fun.

Another good thing with the magnet is the construction set will not easily broken. The magnet give stronger connection to the blocks. So we will have one less problem of dealing with gravity and balance.

Magnetic Blocks Benefits

If we compare magnetic block with another toy blocks, then we can say that magnetic block has some benefits as below:

Magnetic blocks for toddlers
Colorful blocks

1. Good toys for toddler

Toddlers will find magnetic block is interesting, as the blocks can easily connected. They will enjoy holding one block close to another and watching the blocks snap together. Toddlers may find it as a “magic toy” and they will love to playing the blocks.

Magnetic blocks are colorful. And it can be a good change for you to teach your little brother or sister about color and shape. For example, during the play time you can ask them to pick the “red square” or “green triangle” and so on. If you can do this, you can be their teacher 🙂

2. Practice the creativity

Do you know that we can make a magnetic construction set with many ways? Due to the construction is not totally depends on gravity, then it is possible to make the same construction with some different ways. It will be a challenge to find out the best or easiest way to make the constructions.

So…what about now? Do you also think that magnetic block is a interesting toy?

Magnetic Blocks Variant

If you go to toy stores, you will find various magnetic blocks. They may have different models and size. So…do you know how to choose the correct blocks for you?

Simple blocks for kids and toddlers
Castle magnetic blocks

Here are some useful tips for you to make sure you choose the correct toys:

  1. Targeted ages

This is the easiest way to go. You just need to find the manufacturer review and check what the targeted age for the toy is. So simple.

2. Size

If you cannot find the manufacturer review, then you can check the block size. So if you think the block dimension is too big for you, then the blocks maybe for toddlers.

To make sure, you can check it with the shopkeepers and ask them to show the suitable magnetic blocks for you.

3. Material

In case you are choosing magnetic blocks for your little brothers or sisters, then you also need to check about block’s material. Do you know why? It is because toddlers like to put anything into their mouth. So we must make sure their toys are free from dangerous chemicals or material.

And there is one more thing we must check about toy material for toddlers. It should be made from a strong material. The toys should not easily broken and causes a sharp edge as it can be harmed.

Magnetic Block Collection

You can find our magnetic block collection as below. All pictures in this page are from the same blocks, which is came from Japan manufacturer. I can make lots of construction set from the blocks. For example is dog blocks, dragon blocks, castle blocks and others.

Simple construction from magnetic blocks
Boat blocks
windmill blocks
Windmill blocks
Whale magnetic blocks
Whale blocks

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