Nano Building Blocks

Nano building blocks
Buckingham Palace

Now we will discuss about nano building blocks.

Nano building blocks are building construction toys with small block dimension. In general the block shapes are exactly same with common toy blocks. The difference is only on the block size.

The popular themes for nano blocks are cartoon figures, buildings and movie characters. The example is Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Doraemon or Spider-man construction set.

About Nano Blocks

If you love to play construction sets, then you will enjoy playing nano blocks. This educational toy offers more challenge and more effort to finish the construction. Here is some information you need to know about nano blocks:

More detail construction

Nano building blocks offers more detail construction set.

Mickey Mouse blocks
Mickey Mouse blocks

As the block size is quite small, block manufacturers can put all detail of the construction set. So once the nano construction is finished, then it will looks very close with the real construction.

One excellent example of nano construction set is shown in the Buckingham Palace blocks as above. The appearance is similar with the real one.

For your information nano blocks may consist of hundreds or even thousands of blocks, especially for a complex construction set. While for simple construction, like cartoon characters or superhero figures, the blocks quantity will be less.

Nano building blocks need less space

One benefit from nano toy block is the construction needs less space than other toy blocks.

With the compact size, then it will be easy to put the construction on the table or book shelf. So you can put nano construction blocks as home decoration.

And if we want to put some construction blocks of the same theme together, we can use a base for the blocks. The block base is available in various color and size. For the example, you can see the block base of some construction in this page.

Due to the small size of the blocks, you may need block storage or block container during the making progress, just to make sure no block is missing.

More challenge

Let the kids get lots of building block benefits
Mr. Sponge Bob blocks

With the smaller block size, there is no doubt that nano blocks offer more challenge to finish the construction.

First of all, we need to put the block one by one carefully. When we add a block to the construction, we need to do it with care. So we will not destroy the construction accidentally.

Then we also need to be focus during making process. As we deal with small blocks, we may not realize when we put a block in the wrong position. And usually it will be problem in the next step and we need to fix it and start all over again.

In the beginning, we can start with a simple block design. As we are getting expert, then we can try more complex construction. It may take times to make a complex construction set, but once we finished it, the result is so amazing.

Nano Blocks Collection

In below pictures, you can find our other nano blocks collection. I hope you like it.

Donald Duck
Donald Duck blocks
Scorpion construction blocks
Scorpion blocks
Big Ben construction blocks
Big Ben Blocks

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