Building Blocks Collection

You can find our building blocks collections in this page. I also put short information about the construction set, so we can learn something about it.

Now I’m in progress adding the blocks collections. I will continuously update the website, Hopefully you like it and find the pages are useful.

Heavy equipment blocks

Backhoe construction set


Backhoe is an excavating machine with many functions. It is a multi purpose and one of popular equipment in the earthmoving and construction work.



Forklift is a powered industrial truck, which is used to lift and move materials. There are two types of forklift: electric forklift and internal combustion forklift.

Wheel loader construction set

Wheel loader

Wheel loader is a heavy equipment, which is commonly used to move material. We can find it in construction or civil work.

concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer truck is used to transport concrete to the construction set.

mobile crane blockx

Mobile crane

Mobile crane is a machine with hoist rope, chain or wire rope which is used to move heavy materials.