Building Blocks Collection

You can find our building blocks collection in this page. I also put short information about the construction set, so we can learn something about it. For example is about the function, names of the parts and so on.

Hopefully you will like it and find the information is useful.

Heavy equipment blocks

Backhoe construction set
Backhoe blocks

About Backhoe

Backhoe is an excavating machine with many functions. It has multi purpose function and one of popular equipment in the earthmoving and construction work.

Forklift blocks

About Forklift

Forklift is a powered industrial truck, which is used to lift and move materials. There are two types of forklift: electric forklift and internal combustion forklift.

Wheel loader construction set
Wheel loader blocks

About Wheel loader

Wheel loader is a heavy equipment, which is commonly used to move material. We can find it in construction or civil work.

Vehicle blocks

Red helicopter blocks
Helicopter blocks

About Helicopter

Helicopter is a type of rotorcraft with horizontal‐spinning rotor, which can move up and down vertically.

Airplane Construction Blocks
Airplane blocks

About Airplane

Airplane is a fixed‐wing aircraft. It is vary in model and size. The main function of airplane is for transportation.

Red car blocks
Car blocks

About Car

Car is a wheeled motor vehicle. The seat in a car is varying from seat for two people up to eight people or more.

Building blocks

Big Ben construction blocks
Big Ben Blocks

About Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname of Great Bell of four‐faced striking clock, which is is located in Elizabeth Tower.

Buckingham Palace construction blocks
Buckingham Palace blocks

About Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns. The location is in the City of Westminster, United Kingdom.

Character Blocks

Mickey Mouse blocks
Mickey Mouse blocks

About Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a popular cartoon character of Walt Disney Company. He is figured as a nice guy, honest and always helps the others.

Donald Duck
Donald Duck blocks

About Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a cartoon character of Walt Disney Company. He is the close friend of Mickey and Goofy.