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bird blocks

What do you think about bird blocks in this page?

Can you see it as a bird?

I’m sure that all of you ever seen a bird. We can easily find birds in a park, in the sky or you may have it in your home.

About birds

If you notice it, then you will find that birds are different with other animals. Can you guess what special with birds are?

Firstly, most of birds have wings and can fly. Why I say most of birds? Well…because there are minor birds without wings and cannot fly. The example of bird without wings is moa. And the example for birds that cannot fly are ostrich, emu and kiwi.

Secondly, birds are social creature. A bird can communicate with the others using their own way. You may often see birds are flying or hanging on cables or a tree in a group.

Thirdly, some birds have good voice and it looks like ‘the bird can sing very well”. Have you ever hear the birds singing? It is very nice. For this reason, that is why some people like to have certain birds as pets in their home.

And there is a bird with special ability to duplicate human’s voice. Can you guess what is it? Yes, it is a parrot.

Anatomy of bird blocks

Here are some information about anatomy of the bird blocks:

anatomy of the bird blocks
Picture 2. Bird blocks anatomy
  1. Beak
    Beak is an external anatomical structure of a bird with two bony projections, the upper and lower mandibles. The main functions are for eating, probing for food and feeding. Bird’s beaks are varying in size, shape and color. Beak is also known as rostrum.
  2. Crown
    Crown is the top of bird’s head. The crown of the birds also varies in size, shape and color.
  3. Eyes
    It is important for a bird to have a good vision. Birds with eyes on the sides of their heads will have a wide visual sight. The birds with eyes on the front of their heads will have binocular
  4. Wings
    The main function of wing is to fly. The shape of the wings determines the flight capability of a bird.
  5. Tail
    Usually bird’s tail has long feathers. It helps the bird to steer, for balancing and flight maneuver.
  6. Belly
    Abdomen of a bird is called belly. The is the part to digest the food. The color of the belly for each bird may different.
  7. Tarsus
    Tarsus is the upper part of bird’s feet. With the bones, the function of tarsus is to support and transport the birds when it is not flying.

Did you know?

  • Ostrich is belonging to bird family and the size can be more than 9 feet.
  • Birds have evolution from time and time. It depends on the environment and nature.

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