Penguin Blocks

penguin blocks

This penguin blocks are very cute. I really like it. What about you?

Penguins are aquatic birds, which has flipper and can swimming. They usually are living in group.

Penguins mostly get their food from the sea. They feed fish, krill, squid and other creatures. And penguins can live in land or in the sea. We can find penguins in Antarctic coasts, Angola, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and some other regions.

If you notice, penguins are moving by waddle on their feet or slide on their bellies.

Species of penguin

There are many species of penguin. Here is some of the species:

  1. Emperor penguin
    Emperor penguin is the largest species. The height of an adult penguin can up to one meter and the weight is around 40 kg. Emperor penguins are the deepest diving among other penguins. They can dive to depth of more than 500 meters.
  2. Adélie penguin
    Adélie penguins are penguin species in cost of Antarctic continent. They are a middle size penguin. The height is around 70 to 73 cm and the weight is around 8 kg.
  3. Little blue penguin
    Little blue penguin is the smallest species of penguin. The height is around 33 cm and the weight is around 1 kg. If we compare it with other penguin species, then we will find they have big gap for the size and weight. Little blue penguin also known as fairy penguin.
  4. Galapagos penguin
    This species lives in north of the Equator, in Galapagos island. If we compare it with Emperor penguins and Adélie penguins, then these penguins have smaller size. The height is around 50 cm and the weight is around 4.5 kg.

Penguins in movies

Here are some movies with penguin themes. I believe that you may have seen some of them:

  1. Happy Feet
    This is one of popular movies about penguins in 2006 . The movies is about Mumble, a penguin who is lacking in singing but a talented tap dancer. Penguins in the this movie are Emperor penguins.
  2. Surf’s up
    Surf’s up was released in 2007. The movie is about a teenage penguin named Cody Maverick, who love surfing. The penguins in Surf’s up are also Emperor penguins.
  3. Penguins of Madagaskar
    Penguins of Madagaskar is an action comedy movie. The story is about the adventure of the penguins against an octopus villain. This movie was released in 2014. Penguins in the this movie are Adélie penguin.

Penguin blocks anatomy

Let’s find out about anatomy of the penguin blocks:

penguin blocks anatomy
Picture 2. Penguin blocks anatomy
  1. Head
    The color of penguin’s head may different. It depends on the species. Some has black and white color, some with black color only and some has special ornament on the head.
  2. Flipper
    Penguins use their flipper to swim. They cannot use it to fly.
  3. Skin
    Penguins have thick layer of insulating feathers. It helps them to keep warm in the water.
  4. Tail
    Penguins use their tail to maintain the balance. The model can be brush‐tailed or similar like tail of a bird.
  5. Feet
    Penguins have two feet. They can jump with both feet together.

Did you know?

  • Penguins have an average sense of hearing for birds.

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