Donald Duck Blocks

Donald Duck blocks with Daisy Duck

I believe that you are familiar with Donald Duck blocks and Daisy Duck blocks in this page.

So let’s see what you know about Donald Duck.

Donald Duck is a cartoon character of Walt Disney Company. He has a mischievous and temperamental personality. He is very often got lost in his anger. Usually in the end of the story, we see Donald in his self‐angry.

In addition, Donald Duck is known for his semi‐intelligible speech.

Donald Duck is very popular for his appearance in comics, magazines and television series. We can say that he is one of the greatest cartoon characters in the world.

Donald Duck’s friends and family

Donald Duck is the close friend of Mickey and Goofy.

Similar like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck also has a sweetheart named Daisy Duck. She has large eyelashes and often wears a hair bow and heeled shoes. Daisy Duck are Minnie Mouse’s best friend.

Donald Duck has three nephews. The names are Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They called Donald Duck as “Uncle”. Donald likes to prank his nephews and sometimes his nephews also do the same to Donald in return.

And Donald also has an uncle. His uncle is very rich, but he is also very stingy. His name is Scrooge McDuck. However, Uncle Scrooge loves his family.

The other family of Donald is a cousin named Gladstone Gander. He is Donald’s rival, who also interest with Daisy.

Donald Duck blocks
Picture 2. Donald Duck blocks with Daisy Duck

The apperarance

  • Donald Duck is an anthropomorphic white duck. He has a yellow‐orange bill, legs, and feet.
  • He is typically wears a black sailor shirt with yellow combination and a bow tie.
  • The hat color usually is blue. Unless he wears special costumes as shown in the picture.

Unlike Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Donald Duck is not wearing gloves.

Did you know?

  • Donald Duck earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995.
  • Daisy Duck has three nieces named April, May, and June. Daisy’s nieces and Donald’s nephews are often playing together.
  • All Donald Duck blocks in this page is nano building blocks.

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