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Goofy blocks

Goofy blocks in this page is one of my favorite blocks.

He looks so cool!

Goofy is a Disney cartoon character, which represents a dog character. Mostly Goofy is figured as a unique clumsy character. He is funny, clever and intuitive in his own way.

In the comic or television, we often see Goofy with his best friends. Can you guess who they are? Yes…you are correct. They are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Another friend of Goofy is Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar and Minnie Mouse. But mostly the trio is Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. And if we compare Goofy with his friends, then we will find that he is the tallest among all.

As a cartoon, Goofy has many aliases. Some of them are Dippy Dawg, Goofy G. Goof and Super Goof.

Goofy appears in many comics, animated cartoons, television series and movies. Some of them are solo short films or as a cameo.

How to identify Goofy?

It is very easy to identify Goofy, as he has a unique costume as below:

  • In the most scenes, Goofy wears orange turtle neck with black vest. Sometimes he may wear a different color of turtle neck. But the vest seems always black.
  • The pants color is blue.
  • He has brown shoes.
  • It is same with Mickey Mouse, Goofy also uses white gloves.
  • Goofy has a tall hat. The hat usually has the same color with his pants. However, sometimes Goofy also use other color like green as shown in the picture.

But sometimes we can find Goofy in other costumes in the movie or special scene. For example is Goofy in business suits or sport suits.

Did you know?

  • Goofy has a special exclamation “gawrsh!”, “ah‐hyuck” and “hoo hoo hoo hoo!”.
  • One of Goofy’s habit is holding his hand in front of his mouth.
  • Goofy is the most favorite cartoon of my niece. She loves Goofy very much!
  • Goofy has a dog. The name is Pluto.

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