Backhoe Construction Set

backhoe construction set

If you like watching “Bob the Builder” or if you go to a construction site, you may find this machine. But do you know the name of the construction set in the picture? Well…the name of the machine is backhoe.

Backhoe Overview

Backhoe is an excavating machine with many functions. It is a multi purpose and popular equipment in the earth moving and construction. It can move fast and do many tasks. In this page, you can find two models of backhoe construction set.

Can you figure out the job of backhoes? Here are some of them:

  1. Make earth excavation for foundation of building construction, piping system or drainage system
  2. Lift and move a big and heavy material, like tree, boulder and building material
  3. Landscaping or compact material
  4. Farming job, for example help to prepare the soil for plants and make irrigation system

Backhoe Construction Set Parts

In general backhoe consists of two main parts as below:

Backhoe main parts
Picture 2. Parts of backhoe

1st part: Tractor

Tractor is an engineering vehicle that provides power and traction at low speed. It is the main structure of backhoe.

Refer to picture 2, can you figure out which one is tractor? The answer is from the wheels and up. Here is some information about tractor parts and accessories:

  • Wheel. Tractor has four wheels. The wheel has a large and rugged tire. It makes the backhoe has flexibility to move easily over all kind of terrain.
  • Cab. Backhoe operator’s seat is in the cab. Inside, we can find some equipment to control the backhoe. A backhoe may have an open cab or completely enclosed canopy. The main purpose of the canopy is to offer more protection for the operator. The canopy will protect them from hot, rain and from falling material. Backhoe with open cab is more popular for simple work, like in a farm. In picture 3 we can find a backhoe construction set with open cab.
  • Engine. Tractor has a powerful diesel engine, so it can do heavy work easily.
  • Lamp. The lamp will make people aware about the presence of backhoe. Some lamp also uses siren. You should know that backhoe is a heavy machine and the operation must be handled with care. It is very important to note about safety.
Backhoe with open cab
Picture 3. Backhoe model with open cab

2nd part: Excavator

Excavator is the main instrument of backhoe for excavating and material loading. It has three main parts: backhoe boom, arm and bucket.

  • Backhoe boom. Backhoe boom is a part that is attached to the tractor. The boom can move up and down, to left or to right.
  • Arm. The arm is connecting backhoe boom with the bucket. This part also known as dipper or dipper stick. The arm can move up and down.
  • Bucket. Bucket is backhoe’s part to scoop the material like sand, soil or debris.

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