Concrete Mixer Truck Blocks

If you like watching “Thomas and Friends” or “Bob the Builder”, then you must be familiar with this machine.

Yes, you are correct. It is a concrete mixer truck.

Concrete Mixer Truck Overview

Concrete mixer truck is a truck to mix and transport concrete inside the rotating barrel to the construction
site. This truck is also known as cement mixer, cement truck or ready mix truck.

This truck have two or more axles, depends on the loads and transportation regulation of the local
government. Concrete mixer trucks commonly have four to six axles. The function of the axles is to
distribute the load evenly to minimize the damage of the road.

The concrete is mixed in a rotating barrel, which is mounted on the truck chassis. In the jobsite, the
concrete is transferred through a hopper or chute.

Concrete Mixer Truck Parts

Here is some information about main parts of concrete mixer trucks:


Parts of concrete mixer truck
PIcture 2. Concrete mixer truck parts

Inside the barrel there are blades which mix aggregate, cement and water. While the concrete is being transported, the barrel is rotated in rotational direction to push the concrete deeper into the drum. The rotating barrel will keeps the concrete liquid.

After the concrete mixer trucks arrived at site, the operator will reverse barrel rotation in other direction to forces the concrete out of the barrel.


The blade is placed inside the barrel.

Water tank

Water inside the tank is used to water supply and cleaning system.

Discharge chute

The function of discharge chute is to pour cement from the barrel, together with hopper on the upper side.

Do you know?

  • The concrete inside the barrel must be transferred from the barrel before it is hardened. Once the concrete hardened, it will be difficult to remove the concrete from the barrel. A jackhammer may be needed to broken the harden concrete.
  • Process when the blade mixes the material inside the barrel is called “charging”.