Mobile Crane Blocks

Mobile crane is a popular machine to move heavy materials.

An Overview

Mobile crane is a machine with hoist rope, chain or wire rope which is used to move heavy materials. It
is a very useful machine and can be used for many industries. For example is in general construction and
loading‐unloading activities.

During operation, mobile crane operator must consider “rated load” of the machine and load safety
margin to make sure the machine stability.

Mobile Crane Model

We can find many models of mobile crane. Some of them are truck mounted, rough terrain and floating

  1. Truck mounted crane
    The common model for truck mounted crane is a commercial truck chassis with a rotating
    telescopic‐boom crane mounted on the backside.
  2. Rough terrain crane
    Rough terrain crane mostly is designed to pick and carry material. It usually has four off‐road
  3. Floating crane
    Floating crane mainly used in building and port construction.
  4. Crawler crane
    Crawler crane has a good stability and mobility.

Mobile Crane Blocks Parts

Here are some main parts of mobile crane blocks:

A simple mobile crane blocks.
Picture 2. Parts of mobile crane blocks
  1. Boom
    Boom is a long arm, which is used to lift and move materials.
  2. Jib arm
    Jib arm is lattice‐type structure, which is located at the end of the boom. The function of jib arm
    is to provide safe distance between materials with crane main support.
  3. Rotex gear
    The Rotex gear is the mechanism which allows the cab and boom to rotate.
  4. Counterweight
    The counterweights are mounted toward the rear of counter deck. The function is to compensate
    the weight of the lifted materials. The counterweights are adjustable.
  5. Hook
    Hook is used to attach the material to the crane.

Do you know?

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers in the volume ASME B30.5-2018 “Mobile and Locomotive Cranes” establishes some safety issues related to mobile crane.