Wheel Loader blocks

This page is about wheel loader or loader blocks.

Loader is one of heavy equipment, which is commonly used for civil work.

In this page we will learn about another heavy equipment, which is wheel loader. By the way, do you know the wheel loader construction set in the pictures is made from erector sets? It is a very simple construction model with few parts.

Wheel Loader Overview

Wheel loader is a powerful heavy equipment machine, which is used to move or load materials. This machine is very versatile and commonly used in construction or civil sites. For your information, wheel loader is also applicable for agricultural use.

Here is some common tasks for loader:

  1. Transport stockpiled material or heavy stuff from one place to another.
  2. Loading material to other equipment, i.e: dump truck, conveyor belt, feed hopper.
  3. Removing debris and waste. A small loader also can removing snow from sidewalk.

Wheel Loader Blocks Parts

In general, loader consists of the following parts:

A. Tractor

Wheel loader blocks main parts
Picture2. Wheel loader parts

In this erector sets model, we can identify main tractor’s parts as below:

  1. Tractor body
    Tractor body in this construction set is shown as triangle area.
  2. Cab
    Do you know where the seat of person who operates the tractor is? Yeah…you are correct, it is in the cab. We also can find some control parts inside the cab. You may notice the cab of this construction set is on the top of tractor body.
  3. Engine
    Tractor has a powerful engine, transmission component and hydraulic components. The
    engine location is in the back side.
  4. Wheel
    Totally, tractor has four wheels. Do you why tractor has a large and rugged tire? It is to
    makes sure the tractor can go through any terrain easily.

B. Booms or arms

The boom is located in front of the tractor. The function is to hold and move up or move down the bucket. The movement of boom is by hydraulic system.

C. Front-mounted wide bucket

The function of bucket is to scoop-up loose material. It can scoop sand, gravel, dirt and other material. The bucket is wide, so it can scoop lots of material in one time.

If you go to a construction site, then you can observe how a wheel loader and other heavy equipment works. For me, it is very interesting.

Do you know?

  • There is another heavy equipment consists of tractor, with a front bucket and backhoe. It is known as a backhoe loader.

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