House Blocks

house blocks

I want to know how you define house blocks in this page. Can you define the door and the windows?

House is a residential building, where people live. The model of the houses is different in each country. It depends on the environment and culture.

Ideally a house must have good ventilation, so all people in the house will have a good health.

Rooms in a house

The number of room in a house is varying. A big house may have many additional rooms with special function. For example are study room, library and playing room.

However, if we are talking about main rooms of a house, then we can mention the rooms as below:

  1. Bed room
    Bed room is a room to take a rest. After do so many activities in a day, it’s time to sleep in the bed room. People like to decorate their room personally and make it as comfort as possible. So what about you? Do you feel comfort in your bed room?
  2. Bath room
    There is no doubt that bath room must be available at a house. And we must notice about the cleanness.
  3. Kitchen
    Kitchen is one of my favorite rooms. I like to see my mom cooking and make delicious food in the kitchen. The smell is so good…yummy!
  4. Dining room
    It is very good if a family can sit together in the dining room for breakfast, lunch or dinner. At that time, they can talking to each other and have a family quality time. Some people put the dining room and the kitchen in the same room.

Did you know?

  • Feng-shui is a Chinese method for house arrangement, which is believed will bring good fortune.
  • Architect is a person who designs the architecture of a house.
  • It is a good idea to have a garden with trees at house.
  • House blocks in the page are from wooden blocks.

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