Star blocks

star blocks from magnetic blocks

It is very easy to make this star blocks.

The construction set are consists of 12 blocks only.

Star is an astronomical object in the sky. It is a luminous ball of gas, mostly is hydrogen and helium. The shine of a star is come from thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in its core.

We can see the stars the night and they look just like a point of light. Actually a star is not so small. But the distance between earth and star make them look so small.

A galaxy may contain of hundreds of billions of stars. If we go to a planetarium, then we can see the stars clearly.

Age of the stars

Some of you maybe wonder whether a star can shine forever in the sky. The answer is “NO”.

Refer to the research of the astronomers, actually stars also have certain period of lifespan. The lifespan of the stars is very long. It can up to billions years old. However, the lifespan of the star is different each other. So what makes it different?

Firstly, you should know that stars are usually in group, so it is not spread uniformly. And the secondly, thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium in the core of a star will produce energy.

The astronomers have categorized the group of stars base on the mass as below:

  • Very low mass stars
  • Low mass stars
  • Intermediate‐mass stars
  • Massive stars

Group of massive stars have shortest lifespan. It is because of massive stars will have greater pressure on the cores. The pressure will burn the hydrogen rapidly. After exhausting the hydrogen in the core, the stars will be super-giants. When their cores collapse, the stars will explode.

In the group of very low mass stars, the masses are fully convective. So the star group will never have shell burning. It causes it has longest life time among other groups.

Did you know?

  • Sun is the closest astronomical object to earth.
  • Astronomer is a person who study and expect in astronomy.
  • Star blocks in this page are from magnetic building blocks.

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