Boat Blocks

Boat blocks

Boat construction set in this page is very simple and consists of few blocks only.

The boat also also have some accessories, like blue-red lamps and flag in the back side. It is very cute, isn’t it?

Boat is a watercraft which is generally smaller than ship. It can be made from many materials, i.e: wood, aluminum alloy and fiberglass.

Boat blocks
Picture 2. Boat from magnetic blocks

We can categorize boat into three main types:

  1. Human powered
    This type of boat needs human and certain tools to transport. The example is canoes, paddle boat and gondola.
  2. Engine powered
    Engine powered boat usually uses motor. Boat example of this type is ski boat and lifeboat.
  3. Wind powered
    Usually wind powered boat uses sails. The example is sail boat.

Boat parts

Boats consist of many parts. Here are some of them:

Red boat blocks
Picture 3. Boat blocks parts
  1. Hull
    Hull is the body of the boat. This is the largest part of the boat, from back side to the front including bottom side of the boat.
  2. Bow
    Bow is the font side of the boat. The function of bow is to help the boat stay above waves.
  3. Stern
    Stern is the back side of the boat. The stern of a boat maybe vary, because it depends on the design. Stern design influences how a wave breaks against the back of the boat.
  4. Cabin
    Cabin is the room inside the boat.
  5. Cockpit
    Cockpit is a place for the captain or boat driver. It is including wheel and engine control.
  6. Hardtop
    Hardtop is the additional top or roof for cabin‐top. The function is to protect the driver and boat passengers from heat.

Did you know?

  • The left side of the boat is called “port side”, while the right side of the boat is called “startboard side”.
  • “Helm” is refer to boat steering mechanism. When someone said “I’m taking the helm”, it means the person driving the boat.
  • Lifejacket has bright and attractive colors i.e.: yellow and orange. The purpose is to make person who wear it visible, even in the water. Do you know that lifejacket can turn you on your back to keep your face out of water, even if you are unconscious? Yes, it is. So this is an important aid in the boat.

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