Car Blocks

Yellow car blocks

What do you think about this yellow car blocks? It is very cute, isn’t it?

Car is a wheeled motor vehicle. I’m sure that you often see or even go to somewhere with the car. It maybe drove by your daddy, mommy, uncle, auntie or others.

Mostly the application of car is for transportation, either for people or for goods.

Car blocks in black
Picture 2. Black car blocks

General specification of a car

I have no doubt that all of you know about car. But let’s see the general specification of a car.

  1. The seat in a car is varying from seat for two people up to eight people or more.
  2. There are two types of power source for the motor: internal combustion fuel and battery (electric).
  3. The driver position can be on the left side or on the right side.
  4. There are many indicators in a car. For example is fuel indicator and speed indicator.
  5. These days, cars have many accessories with high technology. For example are rear‐reversing cameras, navigation systems and in‐car entertainment.

Lights of a car

If you notice the lights on a car, then you will find that a car has some lights with different function. Here are some of them:

  1. Headlights
    Headlights are used to illuminate the way. These lights are usually used in the night. The purpose is to make the car visible in the dark.
  2. Brake lights
    These lights indicate the use of brake. Brake light are very useful to warn the car behind to reduce the speed to avoid the crush.
  3. Turn signal lights
    The function of turn signal lights is to indicate if the car will turn to the left or turn to the right.
  4. Interior light
    Can you guess where the location of interior light is? It is in the ceiling of the cab.

Car blocks main parts

Let’s learn about main parts of the car blocks. I’m sure that you already knew most of them.

Red car construction set
Picture 3. Car blocks main parts.
  1. Windscreen
    The function of windscreen is to protect the driver and the passengers from the wind and dust, while they are driving the car.
  2. Door
    Commonly a car has four doors, two doors on each side. The doors are complete with the glass window.
  3. Mirror
    The mirror provides rear-view to enable the drive to identify object around the car. This is one of car safety parts.
  4. Roof
    The main function of the roof is to protect vehicle occupant from external elements. The example is protecting from sun, rain and wind.
  5. Bonnet
    Bonnet is a cover in front of the vehicle. One of the functions is to protect vehicle engine.
  6. Bumper
    The position of bumper on a car is in the front side or back side. The purpose is to absorb the impact of collision and minimize repair cost.
  7. Wheel
    Car usually has four wheels: two front wheels and two rear wheels. However, we can find cars with three wheels: one front wheel and two rear wheels.

Did you know?

  • Karl Benz is generally acknowledged as the inventor of the car. He patented his Benz Patent‐Motorwagen in 1886.
  • Airbag is one of safety equipment in a car.
  • Emission of the cars contribute the air pollution. So if possible, you can use mass transportation like bus, train or subway to help to reduces air pollution.
  • You must have a license to drive a car.

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