Train Blocks

train blocks

Train blocks in this page is suitable for toddlers. It has big dimension and without sharp edges.

Train is a rail vehicle, which is consists of a connecting trailer series. A train runs along a railway. The railway of the train commonly is consists of two running rail, with certain spacing.

Train is one of public transportation vehicle.

The main function of the train is to transport passengers and cargo. The term “cargo” is not refers to goods or material only. It is also including cars, trucks and other vehicles. This kind of train is known as “freight train”.

Train engine

Previously the train used steam as power source. But now commonly the engine of the train is diesel or electric. For the train, the engine is called as locomotive.

A train with two locomotives also called as double‐headed train. If a train has two locomotives at both ends, then we call it as “top and tailed”.

The benefits of train

If we compare train with other public transportation vehicle, then we find that train has many benefits as below:

  1. On‐time schedule
    The train usually runs at certain speed. Along the way, the train didn’t meet many disturbance as road vehicle. For example. a train will not face a traffic jam as road vehicles. So train has one benefit for the on‐time schedule.
  2. Economic
    We can travel with train to other cities or even to other counties. A high speed train can running very fast with the competitive price, if we compare it to the cost of airplane.
  3. Environmental friendly
    Train produces less air pollutions than road vehicles.

Train block parts

Train blocks in this page are from toddler blocks. The construction sets has a very simple model and without any accessories detail. So I not able to define each part of the train one by one.

train blocks parts
Picture 2. Main parts of train blocks

However, I will keep put the part information for your information.

  1. Smoke box
    Smoke box is the part of exhaust system in a steam locomotive.
  2. Engine
    The engine of a train can use diesel, electric, wood, coal, steam or gas.
  3. Cab
    The cab of a train is the place of crew compartment. The location is in the locomotive.
  4. Boogie
    Boogie is the chassis or framework carrying wheels. The boogie may has two axles or more.
  5. Traction motor
    The function of traction motors is to generate power to rotate the wheels of a train.

Did you know?

  • The driver of a train is “conductor”. The other crew member, who assists in service attendants is “porter”.
  • Unpowered trailers are known as “carriages”. The function of the carriages are to transport passengers.
  • High‐speed trains can runs more than 300 km/hour. It is very fast.
  • Rapid transit system or subway is an electric‐powered train in big cities, which has separate railroad from other traffic.
  • The train also can run at single rail. The rail’s name is monorail. It is usually is elevated.

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