Truck Blocks

Truck blocks

I’m sure that you are familiar with the truck blocks.

Some of you maybe like to play cars and trucks with your friends.

Truck is a motor vehicle which is designed to transport cargo.

If you like to observe trucks, you will find that truck is varying in model and size. It is depend on the function and model of the trucks.

As truck has a big body, the driver may not be able to see all of the body parts by conventional mirror. So the blind‐spot mirrors are necessary to minimize the accident while the truck is moving.

Truck models

Truck block from erector sets
Picture 2. Erector sets: truck

Here are some of truck’s models:

  1. Box truck
    This is the common model of truck, with a box on the body. The loading and unloading process is from the rear door.
  2. Dump truck
    Dump truck is a truck with open‐box bed. This kind of truck is usually used at construction site to transport loose material. The example is sand, gravel or other material.
  3. Tank truck
    The function of tank truck is to transport gas or liquid. For example is water, oil or fuel. The body usually is a cylindrical tank. Tank truck also called as tankers.
  4. Concrete mixer truck
    Do you like watching “Thomas and Friends” or “Bob the Builder”? If so, then you must know about concrete mixer truck. The function of this truck is to mix and transport concrete to construction site.
  5. Refrigerator truck
    From the name, can you guess the function of this truck? Yes…the function of the truck body is as refrigerator. It is usually transport fresh food or frozen cargo. For example is ice cream, fruits, vegetables and so on.
  6. Flatbed truck
    Flatbed truck is a truck with flat platform body. It offers an easy loading. This kind of truck can be used to transport special cargo. For example is cargo with certain height.

Truck blocks parts

truck blocks main parts
Picture 3. Truck blocks main parts

Here are some main parts of a truck:

  1. Bumper
    Bumper is a structure, which is attached to or integrated with the front and rear ends of a motor vehicle. The main function of bumper is to absorb impact in a minor collision, for example in accident.
  2. Windshield
    The function of windshield is to protect the driver and passengers from the wind, while they are on the road.
  3. Door and window
    Usually truck only has two doors on the left side and right side.
  4. Mirrors
    The function of the mirror is to see any object behind the truck. As truck has a big body, mirror is one of the important parts. The driver must check the mirrors carefully before they turn or go back backward to avoid any accident from hitting other cars or people.
  5. Cab
    Cab is the place of driver and passenger seat. From the cab, the driver must make sure that they can have a clear view. The driver must be able to see everything in the front of the truck.
  6. Engine
    For “flat nose” truck, the engine is located under the cab. While for common model of truck, the location of engine is in the front of the cab.
  7. Area for cargo
    The location of the cargo is on the back of the cab.
  8. Tires and wheels
    Truck has big tires, complete with the wheels. The quantity of the tire is depend on the truck model and function.

Did you know?

  • The loading of big cargo or equipment may need loading tools. For example is forklift.
  • In many countries, you will need a special driving license to drive a truck.
  • Blind spot area” is the area where the driver cannot see any object in there. So for your own safety, please avoid these area.

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