Educational Toys

Educational toys are objects of play, which are expected to stimulate learning. It is to educate and promote kid’s development intellectually, emotionally or physically.

Building blocks or construction building set are perfect toy to accommodate these goals. It offers many benefits and values during play time. 

About Educational Toys

Educational toys for kids and toddlers
Wooden building blocks

In the past, we may acknowledge great people with their brilliant ideas for educational toys. Let’s say John Locke with his blocks and John Spilsbury with dissected maps. The other example is Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel with his “gift sets” and Maria Montessori with Montessori sensorial materials.

In early 20th century, there are more manufacturers for more challenging toys. For example is Erector sets and Meccano. These manufacturers produce toys, which can help the kids to explore their mechanical engineering skill. Some toy models have miniature electric motor and metal screws. This toy is just like a ‘real’ construction.

Toy manufacturers also start to developed many building blocks models. For example are Tinkertoy and Lincoln Logs, which made wooden building blocks. The other manufacturers produce magnetic building blocks and building blocks for toddlers.

Teenagers like challenges and new things. So as they are grow up, they need more challenging toys. One of educational toys to accommodate this need is nano blocks or nano building blocks. These blocks has small size and need more effort to finish the construction sets. Teens will love to play the blocks because it offer more fun.

For more variation, we can find blocks with certain themes. It can be vehicles themes, cartoon themes or holiday themes. One of worldwide popular building blocks manufacturer is Lego, which is originally developed by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Billund, Denmark. Lego bricks has lots of block themes, so the kids and adults can make construction set as many as they want. 

Educational Toy Models

This nano blocks is very cute, isn't it?
Goofy in action

These days we can find wide variant of educational toys in the store. The toys have various materials and models. With so many toy choice, then the kids can choose their favorite one. Some kids may interest with music, while the others more interest with construction.

Here are some of educational toy models:

  • Building blocks or construction toys
  • Manipulative toys
  • Chemistry sets
  • Musical instruments

It is a good idea to give educational toys to kids and toddlers. These toys can be learning tools for them. Each toy have it’s own benefits, more and less. But one thing to note, these toys help to practice kid’s intellectual and creativity.

Educational toys: building blocks
Military building block

So from now on, please give good toys to the kids. As we knew, educational toys are not only toys, but it also give more values to kid’s playing time. And please don’t forget to spend your time to play together with the kids, because it will be fun. 

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