Nano Building Blocks

Nano building blocks are building construction toys with small block dimension.

Nano building blocks
Cathedral building blocks

The block shape is exactly same with common toy block. The difference is only on the size.

The popular themes for nano blocks are cartoon figures, buildings and movie characters. The example is Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Doraemon or Spider-man blocks.

However, there are lots of themes available in the store. The kids can choose the block themes based on their interest.

About Nano Blocks

If you love to play construction sets, then you will enjoy playing nano blocks. This educational toy offers more challenge and more effort to finish the construction. Here is some information about nano blocks:

More detail construction

Cute nano blocks
Mickey and Minnie

Nano building blocks offers more detail construction set. Once the construction finished, we will find it very close with the real construction.

For your information nano blocks may consist of hundreds or even thousands of blocks, especially for a complex construction set.

More challenge

With smaller block size, nano blocks offer more challenge to finish the construction. It need more effort to interlock the blocks without destroy the construction.

Nano building blocks need less space

One benefit from nano toy block is the construction needs less space than other toy blocks. It will be easy to put the construction on the table or book shelf. And if we want to put some construction blocks of the same theme together, we can use a base for the blocks.

Cute nano blocks
Donald & Daisy

You may need block storage or block container during the making progress, just to make sure no block is missing. It also can help to finish the construction earlier. For detail information, please check some tips to make the building blocks.

Nano building block is a recommendation toy blocks for older kids or adults. In the beginning, the kids can start with a simple block design. As they getting expert, the kids can try more complex construction.

The other educational toy recommendation for older kids and adult is erector set, which is a perfect toy to practice mechanical engineering skill.

If you are looking for toys for younger kids, then you can try toddler’s blocks, magnetic building blocks or wooden blocks.


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