Standard Unit Blocks

Standard unit blocks for kids
Standard unit blocks

Standard unit blocks is a standardized wooden blocks. Some people also called this toy as kindergarten blocks. We can easily find unit blocks in kindergarten class rooms because as an educational toy, building blocks offer many benefits for the kids.

Unit blocks may vary in name and material, but they are all based on the proportion of 1:2:4. It made from natural wood pieces. The wooden blocks are identically in size and shape. Each block has precision cut to make sure the construction sets are stable.

In the stores, there are many toy manufacturers produce these blocks. Although the basic blocks are square, but some of them also has another shapes. For example is triangle or arc.

Standard Unit Blocks for Toddlers

Simple wooden blocls
Wooden building blocks

The kids and toddlers will be able to make a lot of constructions with this standard unit blocks. For the beginning, they can start with making simple constructions from few blocks. As they are getting expert, they can make more and various constructions. It is all depends on their imagination.

While the kids making the construction from the blocks, at the same time they will learn about geometry, balance and gravity. The kids will get more knowledge as they are playing. In the beginning, they may make mistakes and broken the construction many times. It is like a trial and error process. But finally, they will find out how to make a good construction.

Standard unit blocks may have hundreds of blocks. So the kids can make the construction set together with their friends. Hence, the kids will learn how to interact and communicate with each other. This will help them to learn about team work and build social network.

Other building toy recommendation for young kids is toddler’s blocks and magnetic blocks. These block toys have an attractive and bright color, which will catch kid’s attention.


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